I'm Andy Mikulski, a creative full-stack engineer who specializes in designing and programming interactive experiences. Below, you'll find some of my professional and hobbyist projects consisting of front-end, back-end, and Unity development.

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— Featured Work —

A few of my favorites
  • Ray Tracer Art
    Short examination of an inaccurate ray tracer as a source of generative art.
  • TPS: Terrain Generation
    Generating a 3D terrain utilizing layered Perlin Noise and Marching Cubes.
  • TPS: Paths and Plots
    Finding decent looking pathways across varying terrain using flow fields.
  • TPS: Foliage
    Using the Poisson-Disc algorithm to place grass and trees into a virtual world.
  • TPS: Park Guest AI
    Utilizing flow fields as a means for pathfinding to support hundreds of agents at a time.
  • Catan, Tablet Edition
    Highlighting some work on UI interactions and juice for a digital version of the popular board game.