Serenity Forge is a small indie game studio based out of Boulder, CO, specializing in visually stunning aesthetics, such as The King’s Bird for example.

In 2018, I spent a short time working for Serenity Forge as a Gameplay Engineer, primarily responsible for principal code design, implementing gameplay features, QA, and general bugfixing. Beyond the usual developer duties, I also served as an ‘internal developer advocate,’ working to streamline internal processes and ensuring engineers follow proper standards, perform code reviews, etc.

Below, you can find some more information regarding the projects I worked on during my tenure at Serenity Forge.

Catan, Tablet Edition (Unannounced)


A touchscreen adaptation of the hit board game Catan for up to four players. Features a virtual board, support for mobile phones as controllers, and AI opponents with varying strategies!

I was responsible for implementing a designed UI, adding gameplay features and animations (e.g. rolling dice on the board, card UI animations), and general QA/polish. You can read more about my contributions here.

Theme Park Sim (Cancelled)


In this theme park sim for kids, the player would be given procedurally-generated sections of land, complete with walkable paths and predefined areas for building roller coaster rides.

I was responsible for creating the procedural systems for the game, such as terrain mesh creation, pathway planning through the world, and the logic for the AI agents which traverses those paths. See the “related posts” section below for more information on my contributions to the game.

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